Challenging the food waste paradigm to feed the future.

We value both environmental sustainability and social well-being while using natural resources to provide consumers with nutritionally balanced fermented food products.

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We are a commercial venture that leverages
scientific research

To deliver natural and nutritionally balanced functional food ingredients.

Our Fermentation Platform

Our platform transforms fruit & vegetable by-products into highly nutritious powder generating only water vapour as waste in the process.

Since almost 50% of fruits & vegetables produced annually end up wasted, we developed a technology to reverse this.

Combined with today’s scientific knowledge fermentation represents a great opportunity for feeding our future.​

By 2050, the world population is expected to need 70% more food than what is produced today. We focus on reducing wastage of good food to create nutritiously superior food products and optimize the use of natural and financial resources.

How can we help ?

Our flours have a unique nutritional profile combining : low carb + low fat + high protein + high fiber.

We work with industries in need of by-product valorization and our products help consumers in need of a more balanced nutrition.