Challenging the food waste paradigm to feed A better future.

Our ingredients allow food brands to appeal to modern consumers thanks to our fermented and upcycled flours.

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The first range of fermented and upcycled ingredients

Ferment’Up range – for food that brings you peace of mind : Green Spot’s zero waste process is able to leverage upcycling and fermentation at industrial scale to produce natural ingredients with functional and nutritional advantages and the lowest environmental footprint.


Our fermentation requires very little water, energy and resources. Green Spot fermentation technology is unlocking food side streams from the food industry into highly nutritious, tasty and multifunctional ingredients, to enrich consumers' experience.

Our zero waste fermentation technology allows us to generate ingredients with the lowest carbon footprint on the market.

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Functional Ingredients

Ferment'Up is a range of nutrient dense powders that taste good and do good, for an infinite number of recipes. Green Spot’s multifunctional ingredients combine sustainability, naturality and quality all in one and for everyone!

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We use the side streams of the fruits, veggies, cereals transformation such as brewery grains, apple, tomatoes, etc.

This approach allows us to limit the food waste of these industries and to favour the circularity of production.

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