World’s first range of fermented and upcycled ingredients for better and more sustainable nutrition to all.

We use a natural process, to turn plant side streams into nutritious & affordable powders through the action of good microorganisms.


Natural and plant-based origin


Made in France


From fermented by-products

Ferment'Up Tomato

Green spot uses tomato pomace, a side-streams from the tomato concentrate process.

Ferment’Up Tomato is naturally concentrated in fermented fibres. It has a umami taste enhanced by fermentation. Ferment’Up Tomato is use to boost the color, texture and stabilise emulsions. 

This ingredient in a clean labelled texturizer that can replace malt and yeast extracts in bakery products, and starches in tomato based sauces.




Ferment'Up Spent grain

Ferment'Up Spent grains

Ferment’Up Cereals are brewery leftovers,  cereal grains saved thanks to Green Spot fermentation process. 

This ingredient is balanced in composition with complete proteins, mix of soluble and insoluble fibres. Additionnaly Green Spot fermentation unlocks even more the nutritional potential by reducing antinutrients. 

Functionnaly, Ferment’Up Cereals has cocoa notes that pair well with recipes based on cocoa powder and chocolate to replace some of it.

Ferment'Up Apple

Ferment'Up Apple

Apple side-stream represents around 20% of processed apples (juice, concentrate or puree industry) and Green Spot gives a second chance to this side-stream through our fermentation process.

Thnaks to fermentation, Ferment’Up Apple is a low sugar high quality fibres ingredient, with a subtil fruity taste and a thickening power.

This ingredient can be used in apple sauce and bakery products recipees.

Many food and beverage applications

Bakery products
Cacao powder / chocolate based products
Meat analogs
Energy bars
Salty biscuits

Green Spot has a formulation team to support product developments.