Challenging the food waste paradigm to feed A better future.

Our ingredients allow food brands to appeal to modern consumers thanks to our fermented and upcycled flours.

Innovation Awards

French Tech Agri20

European Innovation Council-EIC Accelerator

Kellogg Innovation Challenge Finalist

Grand Prix Inn'Ovations

Deep Tech

I-Nov France AgriMer

New Zealand Innovation Awards

We are a commercial venture that leverages
scientific research

To deliver the first range of fermented ingredients from side streams.

Our Fermentation Platform

Our platform transforms plant based side streams into highly nutritious powder, without any addditional feedstock and generating only water vapour as waste in the process.
Since almost 32% of plant based product is annually wasted (FAO, Food wastage footprint, 2013), we developed a technology to reverse this.

Combined with today’s scientific knowledge fermentation represents a great opportunity for feeding our future.​

By 2050, the world population is expected to need 70% more food than what is produced today. We focus on reducing wastage of good food to create nutritiously superior food products and optimize the use of natural and financial resources.

What is our solution ?

We provide ingredients that combine naturality, low environmental footprint and better nutrition for all.

We can use food companies' byproducts and make their production system more circular.